2012 Festival Performance Schedule
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Con VivoCon Vivo
Con Vivo brings the communal spirit of chamber music to the vibrant and unique setting of Jersey City, performing free concerts all over town. Con Vivo is a collective of musicians including some of the NYC area's finest soloists and rising stars.








JC Children's TheaterJersey City Children's Theater
At Jersey City Children’s Theater we celebrate the art of play and the diverse tapestry that is Jersey City. Through our curriculum of story telling, play making and theater games children will discover diplomatic ways to learn lessons of morality, courage, generosity, and compassion. And have great fun doing it! Come play with us!





TECCSTECCS Choir with Dr. Michael Conti, Music Teacher
The Ethical Community Charter School is a safe and caring community where ethics, service, and social justice are the principles that inform every aspect of school life; where teachers lead and collaborate with students in a culture of rigorous academics and mutual respect; where analytical thinking and creativity are prized over rote learning; where children become individuals of integrity, insight, autonomy - and socially productive citizens, workers, leaders.



AU CapoeiraAU Capoeira
Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that combines dance, music, acrobatics and self-defense. Our curriculum is shaped in such a way that any student will learn Capoeira in all aspects integrating body, mind and spirit.








LCCS logoLCCS Students with Ms. Meera Jaffrey,
Music & Movement Teacher
The Learning Community Charter School is a small public charter school located in Jersey City, New Jersey. It was founded by a group of parents and other community members. The Learning Community Charter School is dedicated to developing in its students a passion for democracy, a commitment to public service, the habits and rewards of hard work, and a hunger for learning.
Ms. Meera Jaffrey is a graduate of Oberlin College. She also directed a documentary "Fine Rain: Politics and Folk Songs in China".





Katja LarssenKatja Larssen (Vocals)
Katja Larssen is in 5th grade at LCCS. She's studying voice and guitar with Alex Brumel at Metropolis Music in Jersey City. She has been playing guitar since she was 7 and singing most of her life, but studying voice since September 2009. Katja has sung in events around Jersey City including two Ladies on the Mic Shows in 2010 as well as the 4th Street Festival in October 2010. You can find her performance videos on YouTube.


Alex Brumel (Guitar)

Singer/songwriter Alex Brumel began his career in music at the age of 11, performing on Broadway and on tour in some of the 90s’ most successful musicals. He began writing songs in High School, and shortly thereafter began playing music with drummer/musical director Eric Novod. Since that time, he has shared stages with some of the nation’s finest songwriters, including Ingrid Michaelson, Ari Hest, Adam Levy, Pete Francis, and Duncan Sheik (with whom he worked on developing Sheik’s Tony Award-winning “anti-musical” Spring Awakening). He graduated from the University of Michigan’s School of Music in 2007; while at the University, Alex was invited by the renowned rock musicologist Walter Everett (author of the essential “The Beatles as Musicians” series) to exemplify the tenor voice on the companion recordings for his Oxford University Press publication “The Foundations of Rock: From ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ to ‘Suite: Judy Blue Eyes’”. Alex’s most recent of 3 solo records, To Bring You Home, was released in January 2009.

Carol LesterCarol Lester, Award Winning Songwriter
It’s not only fun, but also a Neurocognitive Developmental Boost !!







Cobra FencingCobra Fencing Club
The Cobra Fencing Club is dedicated to fostering the development of fencing in Hudson County. The club is especially interested in teaching beginners the fundamentals of the exhilarating sport in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.










Rimli Roy  - SuratiRimli Roy and Surati for Performing Arts
Surati is a performing arts organization and entertainment company committed to promoting Indian art and culture through dance, music, drama, arts and crafts.

Surati is also a dance and music academy that provides an insight into the performing arts and imparts quality training to its students.

www. suratiinc.com

Tomas MarshTomas Marsh (Guitar)

Tomas Marsh, JC Rock School founder, is a parent/musician with professional experience in the music scene, and formerly a Warner Bros recording artist in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The lack of music programs in schools gave Tomas an idea for providing an option for a musical experience that pre-teens and teens can participate in. Tomas plays and composes in many styles, playing guitar, bass, keyboards and drums. He has taught music for 30 years.







Segunda QuimbambaSegunda Quimbamba Spring Student Class Demo









Yunus Hokkaci - Brooklyn StaffordYunus Hokkaci
He has been studying piano at Third Street Music School Settlement in NYC for the last four years with Ms. Tatyana Sirota and Ms. Susan Innamorato.
He performed in various school concerts.
He is a third grade student at LCCS.


Brooklyn Stafford

Brooklyn is in the 5th grade and has been studying  piano at Third Street Music School Settlement for four years. Her favorite class is Jazz improvization. Brooklyn has performed in many different concerts at Third Street, as well as with her Home School group and church.

Matt Panayides DuoMatt Panayides Duo

Matt Panayides is an exploratory jazz guitarist who is passionate about performing music and sharing it with others. Born in Cincinnati and raised in Indianapolis, he has been leading his own groups in New York for more than 10 years. While always seeking his own voice on his instrument, Matt’s playing has been influenced by guitar giants such as Grant Green, Pat Martino, Allan Holdsworth and Jimmy Raney. His compositions seek to paint a picture in the listeners’ mind which feels both unforced and fresh.

In January of 2011 Matt released his first album as a leader on the Pacific Coast Jazz record label and has received many outstanding reviews from the jazz press. The album features his original compositions with Rich Perry on tenor saxophone, Steve LaSpina on bass and Dan Weiss on drums.